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August 19th 2017

Eyre Square Galway

The Park House Hotel Galway is located off Eyre Square, on Forster Street, in Galway city centre. Eyre Square is a popular meeting place for Galwegians and is well-known as the centre of Galway city. 
Eyre Square commemorated it's 300th anniversary in 2012. The area of the Square has been used as many things over the centuries, from a location for jousting tournaments to a gallows site. In 1712 Mayor Edward Eyre gifted the Square to the people of Galway.  
Eyre Square is home to the Quincentennial Fountain built in 1984. The fountain is a represenataion of the sails of the Galway Hooker which has long been used as a symbol for the county of Galway and appears on its coat of arms, emphasising the importance of maritime influence on the community. You will also find the Browne Doorway which was rescued from an old mansion on Abbeygate Street in 1905 and re-erected in Eyre Square. The carvings on the Browne Doorway include two 17th century coats of arms commemorating the Browne and Lynch families. A bust of US President John F Kennedy was erected on the spot where he addressed the people of Galway during his visit in 1963. Galwegians consider this visit to be one of the most important eventsin the history of the city.