Aran Islands

Aran Islands

Aran Islands

Day Tour to the Aran Islands

A visit to the Aran Islands is one of the best day tours to take from Galway City and always a popular day trip for guests staying at the Park House Hotel Galway. The landscape of the three Aran Islands is stark and craggy with windswept rocky fields stitched together by stone walls. Enjoy stunning views from the Cliffs of Aran, the prehistoric and much-photographed Dun Aonghasa and the blue flag beach of Kilmurvey.

After your day tour to the Aran Islands the Park House Hotel is the best hotel to stay in Galway, relax in one of our 99 luxury bedroomsand enjoy award winning food and hospitality.

The main island of Inismore is the most visited and tourist-oriented with the breath-taking Cliffs of Aran stretching for about 8km along the western side of the island. The famous prehistoric fort of Dún Aonghasa is perched on a 100-metre cliff face, thought to date back to 1100 BC. The Black Fort and the Worm Hole are just a couple of the best sights on the island which has over 50 different monuments of Christian, pre-Christian and Celtic mythological heritage. 

There is a new ferry service from Galway city to Inishmore, starting in 2021, and the island is very well serviced by ferry crossings and by airplane, making it one of the top day tours from Galway. The island is 14 km long and 3 km at its widest point, a lot of visitors like to hire a bike to tour the island and this is one of the best ways to see the Aran Islands. The Seal Colony, located on the coastal road close to blue flag Kilmurvey Beach, is one of the most popular attractions on Inishmore Island for animal lovers.

The island of Inisheer is the smallest of the Aran Islands at about a quarter of the size and population of Inishmore. It’s an easy 35-minute boat journey from Doolin and a good option for those who want to visit the island as part of a day tour to the Cliffs of Moher. The main village area is right next to a beautiful beach and is enclosed by a small hill with a castle and a fort at the top. Inisheer is easily covered by foot or ideal for a bike tour and you can easily rent a bike on the island. Some of the best attractions to visit on the island are O’Briens Castle, Creggankeel Fort and the Grave of the Seven Daughters, St Gobnet’s Church and St Benan’s Church - reputedly the smallest church in Ireland.

Inishmaan Island is the least visited of the three islands. The island has crystal clear views of the Cliffs of Moher and some interesting Celtic and Christian sites

The island was a retreat for the famous playwright JM Synge who took inspiration from the Aran Islands for many of his works such as “Riders of the Sea” and “The Playboy of the Western World”. Teach Synge is the cottage to which the playwright returned each year – a small, whitewashed, thatched-roof traditional cottage that has been preserved as a museum and dedicated to the life of Synge, open to the public during the summer months. 

Inishmaan has recently become a centre for diving, a wonderful experience with some beautiful marine life to see and clear waters. Inishmaan is accessible by ferry from Rossaveal port with shuttle bus service from Galway City, from Doolin by ferry or by air on Aer Arann.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Park House Hotel is the best hotel to stay at in Galway if you plan to visit the Aran Islands for a day tour. There are many different day tours you can take to the Aran Islands and our Front Desk team will be delighted to advise you on the best tour to take and what the best things to do on the Aran Islands during your visit.
From Galway you can take a ferry from Galway city, from Rossaveal or from Doolin or by plane on a short flight with Aer Arann from Connemara Regional Airport in Inverin. The Front desk team at the Park House Hotel will be delighted to help you plan your visit to the Aran Islands and choose from one of the many organised Aran Island day tours. 
The Aran Islands are famous for Aran sweaters, Irish speaking, ancient forts and monuments such as Dun Aonghasa and the Black Fort, the Cliffs of Aran, the blue flag Kilmurvey Beach, diving off Inishmaan and many more. The Park House Hotel Galway is the perfect hotel to stay at in Galway when visiting the Aran Islands on a day tour. 
Most travelers visit Inishmore as a day trip by boat from Galway and the Park House Hotel is the best hotel to stay at in Galway. You can either take a ferry from Galway city or from Rossaveal which is service by shuttle buses from the city. The Front Desk team at the Park House Hotel will help you plan your visit to the Aran Islands and book tickets for organised day tours, ferries or flights.